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Colbert County Winter Guard

Colbert County Winter Guard

Colbert County AL
Directed by: Caitlin Sparks
Instructed by: Santana Burns, Logan Pouncey, Jill Kirk, & Adam Chynoweth.
Competing in the Novice classification.

2023 Show: 9 to 5

Performing to 9 to 5 by Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton, the Colbert County Winter Guard is demonstrating a day of work at the office. Using gray tones throughout the first half of the show is symbolizing the stereotypical "boring" and "mundane" office day; with the blues from the members uniforms peaking through the grays and blacks illustrates the workers desire to bring color into a colorless world while still fitting into the dynamic. As the work day start to end, we start to see a little more vibrancy to the performance itself. Not just in color but the choregraph itself, with bigger and vivid movements. With a big reveal at the end when the clock strikes five, excitement for the end of a day's work. Slowly, but surely, the excitements dwindles down as the day turns to night. Each worker finally settling down to bed, getting ready to get up and do it again. The cycle continues on, the wheel keeps turning. 


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Colbert County Winter Guard Registered Events

Bob Jones HS- G,P,WFeb 25, 2023
Columbia Central HS- G,P,WMar 18, 2023
Spain Park HS - Guard onlyMar 25, 2023

2023 Results

Spain Park HS - Guard only 77.74 3 Novice Mar 25, 2023
Columbia Central HS- G,P,W 75.76 5 Novice_round 1 Mar 18, 2023
Bob Jones HS- G,P,W 71.21 6 Novice Feb 25, 2023

Past Results

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