• Percussion and Winds start their season this coming weekend
  • Great start to the season yall
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Spain Park HS - Guard only

Spain Park HS - Guard only

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  Directors can find more information in the secured area.


Oak Mountain Middle School WGCadet
Liberty Middle School Winter GuardCadet
Pell City Panteras CadetsCadet
Discovery Middle SchoolCadet
Susan Moore HSNovice
Holcomb HornetsNovice
Homewood High SchoolNovice
Colbert County Winter GuardNovice
Spain Park HS JV Winter GuardNovice
Spain Park HS Winter GuardSRAA
Helena HS JV Winter GuardSRAA
Pinson Valley HS Winter GuardSRAA
Mortimer Jordan High SchoolSRAA
Huntsville High School Winter GuardSRAA
Pell City High School PanterasSRAA
Shades Valley High SchoolSRAA
Briarwood Christian School Lion GuardSRAA
James Clemens JV Winter GuardSRAA
Calera High School Winter guard SRAA
Buckhorn HS Winter GuardSRA
James Clemens Winter GuardSRA
Winfield HS Pirata Vitae Winter GuardSRA
Tuscaloosa County High School Winter GuardSRA
Oak Grove HS Winter GuardSAA
Helena HS Winter GuardSAA
Southern RootsIA
Oak Grove MinisExhib.

SCGC Members in Action