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SCGC Historical Archives

A Brief History of the SCGC

In the early 1990's SCGC had a quarterly production called "SCGC Accolades". Attached to this article is the Fall 1990 edition which includes a brief history of the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit!Check out a scanned copy of the original by clicking the link above. A retyped version also follows.The History of The SCGC, First Decadeby Robert RobinsonI had planned to write a very factual history of the SCGC, but after much thought, realized that would be next-to impossible and would probably develop into a boring articl. . .

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1985 SCGC Championships Program

Images courtesy of Ginger Canady, member of Aura in 1985.

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Blue Nights 1987 WGI Southern Regionals

Enjoy this classic video of SCGC member the Blue Nights at the 1987 WGI regional!

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SCGC Accolades Winter 1991

In the winter of 1991 the publication "SCGC Accolades" came out with their second volume which includes a continuation of the history of SCGC that began in SCGC Accolades Volume I.You can view a scanned copy of the original publication above or read the copied and pasted text below.The SCGC Saga Continuedby Robert RobinsonEighty-one brought forth Entrada as dominant in open class battling it out with Triptych. New in open class were Carolina guards 308 and Outer Bank. The University of South Carolina introduced 308. . .

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SCGC Accolades Vol 1. Fall 1990

Hi: Atttached are 12 documents (pages) of the SCGC history. My hope is that you can get the SCGC to post this history on their website for posterity. Please pass this information on to the SCGC board members in this hope. I am sending 6 attachments each in two emails because the files are too big for one email.I have also posted these on the Colorguard Historical Society; you should join this site because it provides so much useful informationHere's the link to my page:http://colorguardhistoricalsociety.ning.com/profile/RobertSRobinson

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The Emerald Knights of Cordova, AL 1975

The Emerald Knights of Cordova, AL : The Emerald Knights were the first all male guard in the South,a member of the South Eastern Colorguard Circuit; they finished as the silver medalist in Class A to the Golden Eagle Cadets as the gold medalist. Eight rifles and Eight flags made up the unit. In this photo are Andre Robinson and Robert Robinson.Photo Courtesy of Robert Robinson.

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The Golden Eagle Cadets 1975 of Jacksonville, AL

The Golden Eagle Cadets 1975 of Jacksonville, AL (this is the opening set). They were the Class A Gold Medalists of the South Eastern Color Guard Circuit (SCGC.)Photo Courtesy of Robert Robinson.

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1975 Golden Eagles of Jacksonville, AL

The Golden Eagles of Jacksonville, AL The Golden Eagles were one of the very first guards featured in a winter guard training video due to the accuracy of their rifle line. Eight-foot flag poles were used. A head-chop sequence is shown in the photo. Jim Gladson was the director. In the foreground of this photo are Southern Judges' Association judges Doug Noel (left) and Curtis Whited (right). The tick system is being employeed by the judges. The Golden Eagles were the Gold Medalists of the Open Class (the "world class of 1975") of SCGC.Photo&nb. . .

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McGavock HS 1988 -- Friends are Freinds Forever

Friends Are Friends Foreverby Shelba WaldronIt has officially been 20 years since I sat in the Dayton arena at the World Championships and listened as a hush went over the crowd in memory of two girls who lost their lives doing exactly what they loved; color guard. They were returning with their guard from the Mideast regional, when the van they were travelling in was involved in a fatal accident killing two and physically injuring three, but emotionally injuring all performers. The guard was McGavock High School and the date was March 13, 1988. . .

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SCGC Members in Action