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Director of Instructor Education

Director of Instructor Education

SCGC is looking for one Director of Color Guard Instructor Education and one Director of Percussion/Winds Instructor Education.

Please send resume to: SCGC@me.com.  Post is open until September 4, 2023

Director of (Color Guard, Percussion/Winds) Instructor Education. One per division with percussion and winds combined. 


Purpose: To plan, direct and review the overall educational activities for the instructors within each division of SCGC. Lead the newly appointed Steering Committee for each division.


Responsibilities: Create instructor education opportunities throughout the season and work in an official capacity at 2 shows. Travel and housing will be covered by SGCG.  Attendance at SCGC Championships is preferred and compensation would be made available at the Executive Director?s discretion. 


Path of Responsibility: The Directors of Instructor Education report to the Executive Director.


Selection/Contract: The functions of the Directors of Instructor Education shall be performed on a contracted basis and evaluated annually. The Directors of Instructor Education may have an affiliation with any group participating in SCGC. The Directors of Instructor Education are hired by the Executive Director with the approval of the Board of Directors. If the position should become vacant, the Executive Director will seek applications with BOD approval. 


Fee for Service: A fee for services provided shall be a $1200 stipend with the requirement to work two contests (extra compensation for these two events). 



-     Maintain ongoing communications with (including, but not limited to) Executive Director, Advisory Board, Steering Committee.

-      Maintain common awareness of changes in procedures, policies and/or issues affecting the division.

-      Communicate effectively with participating groups.

-      Maintain positive working relationships with the instructor community.

-      Coordinate instructor educational outreach programs with in-person and remote opportunities. 

-      Lead all Steering Committee meetings and provide necessary support and follow-up.

-      Provide an annual report to the Advisory Board.

-      Any other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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