• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon

Media Policy

Media Policy


In the best interest of young performers and instructors in our activity, the following media policies have been implemented for all SCGC events.


A media credential is not required to photograph at our events, but participants must follow the photography policies listed below.

  • For the safety of all performers, flash photography is strictly prohibited at all SCGC events. 

  • For the privacy of all performers, family, friends, and fans are permitted to take photographs for personal use only, and these photographs must be limited to the groups with which they are directly associated. Sales of these images without the explicit permission of SCGC is forbidden.

  • The use of portable accessories, including but not limited to tripods, stands, or any equipment-stabilizing devices, is not allowed within the competition venue. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in immediate dismissal from the event.

  • Professional photographers are required to obtain explicit permission from SCGC prior to capturing any images at our events.


As defined by Copyright laws, no video recording is permitted at any SCGC events without a media credential. Any liability associated with unauthorized recordings will rest with the individual or organization making the recording. SCGC does not condone nor accept any liability for unauthorized recordings of its events.


Local news organizations and school media groups are invited to cover SCGC events, but must receive approval through the Event Partner from SCGC. Accreditation will be provided and can be collected on- site at the event.

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