• Our next event is on March 25
  • at Spain Park HS
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CHAMPIONSHIP schedule...

CHAMPIONSHIP schedule...

A draft schedule for CHAMPIONSHIP is available 
The official schedule with unit names will be posted on 3/25.

In order to accomodate all 124 units signed up, we had to make a few changes to the format we\'ve used in past years.
These include;
- A start time of 4pm on Friday with an award ceremony scheduled for 9:30pm
- 1 retreat on Saturday for all units competing that day  (with 83 units,  we are working on a format to cut down on the time of the award ceremony)
- A different set up in terms of drums and guard performing times. 

Make sure to check all of this as you start planning your weekend.
It will affect how you\'ve done it in the past.

SCGC Members in Action