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CG job posting

CG job posting




Waverly Central High School

Joseph Bullington, Head Director

1325 Hwy 70 West

Waverly, TN 37185

Cell: 931-237-2227

Email: joseph.bullington@gmail.com



Waverly Central High School is looking for a color guard instructor for both marching band and Winter Guard. We currently have a very young group due to the effects of the pandemic and the tragic flood event in Waverly in August 2021. We have 8 students in marching band color guard with 2 returning members and 6 rookies. For Winter Guard we will have an additional 2 members both of whom are rookies. Typically we rehearse on Mondays (CG only) for marching band and 2 nights a week during WG season, usually either M/Th or Tu/Th, whichever fits your schedule best. Times are subject to your availability but are typically 5:30 ? 8 for WG for example.


This is a good opportunity to mold a young group with your techniques and teaching strategies. We are currently working in conjunction with Project Imagination, director Ann Cavin, for the writing of our marching season and possibly Winter Guard season. For anyone who may be ready to teach a guard yet who does not quite feel experienced enough to write/design shows, we can continue to work with Project Imagination. If you are a seasoned, experienced instructor who would like to design your own show, we can do that as well. Pay is negotiable. We would love to discuss the position with anyone who is interested. We do ask for a minimum of 2 recommendations from a director of a program with whom you have worked/performed with and/or from a current professor, director, instructor whom of which you may be working or performing. You may also list any and all band directors for whom you have worked. Please provide contact info for them. If upon you accept the position, you will have to complete a background check which is required by the Humphreys County B.O.E. You will be reimbursed for the fee from our Boosters upon completion. If you are interested please contact me either by cell or via email. I would be very glad to discuss the job with you! 


Thanks so much for your interest and consideration,

Joseph Bullington, head director

Waverly Central High School.

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