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Goodpasture Winds

Goodpasture Winds

Madison TN
Directed by: Adam Laman
Instructed by: Cayce Long, Abbie Honeycutt, Nate Hughes, C.J. Barrow, Rachel Buck, Mary Ruth Isbell, & Josh Moulder.
Competing in the Winds Scholastic Open classification.

2022 Show: Tsunami

        The show is about a tsunami that destroys a town/village.  The show opens with a warm gentle breeze, a flock of seagulls, and the sound of waves gently cresting and crashing onto the beachfront.  An alarm rings out, a siren, and new clips of an eminent tsunami overtake the pleasant island soundscape.  The wind players come in suddenly and set up a brisk paced musical moment which demonstrates the frantic nature of the emergency.  Just before the end of the first big impact, the tsunami makes landfall and crashes over the beach which will be depicted using multiple large flyover silks.  The ballad is an almost dream-like few minutes.  We look inside the standpoint of the massive wave and what led it to this point.   Though it is extremely destructive, it was caused by another event (an earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.)  The wave never meant to hurt anyone or destroy property, yet it finds itself breaking on land, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.  The ballad begins with the peaceful sounds of water, a piano, and a few instrumental soloists before transitioning to a brisker pace and a vocal solo doubled in the bari sax.  Once all the instruments add back in for the big impact in the ballad, we see how the wave experienced itself making landfall in contrast to the previous perspective shown.  After the ballad, we sort of snap back to reality.  Metric changes provide both implied and very real velocity as the water continues rushing through the town.  The texture changes as we move to the quarter note = 132 and depicts the confusion and tumult left in the wake of this massive wave.  The piano leads us through 12/8 back into the Quarter = 198 as the wave slowly sinks back down into the sea.  As it does so, little quotes come back from the ballad.  Once it seems to be fully sunk, a piano leads us out, and on the very last fermata, the first wave since the tsunami crashes over the beach gently?the tides are back to normal.  The End.-- 


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Goodpasture Winds Registered Events

Wilson Central HS (TN)Feb 19, 2022
Mt Juliet _Percussion / Winds only- CANCELLEDMar 12, 2022
2022 SCGC Percussion / Winds ChampionshipsApr 9, 2022

2022 Results

2022 SCGC Percussion / Winds Championships 79.95 4 WSO Apr 9, 2022
Mt Juliet _Percussion / Winds only- CANCELLED
No Show
WSO Mar 12, 2022
Wilson Central HS (TN) 66.35 3 WSO Feb 19, 2022

Past Results

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SCGC Championships_TENNESSEE Percussion / Winds 81.90 3 WSO Mar 27, 2021
Spring Hill HS 78.60 2 WSO Mar 13, 2021
Columbia Central HS 73.10 3 WSO Feb 27, 2021
Wilson Central HS 70.80 1 WSO Feb 13, 2021
Virtual event 76.25 1 WSO Feb 6, 2021

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