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Unit Info

Mortimer Jordan High School

Mortimer Jordan High School

Kimberly, Alabama
Directed by: Rosalyn Parker
Instructed by: Band Director, Mason McFarland, Guard Director, Rosalyn Parker, Choreographer, Allyson Odom, Choreographer, Sophie Wilks, Instructor, & Grace Fagan.
Competing in the Scholastic Regional AA classification.

2023 Show: Ever Glow

This show explores the ideas involving who we are as individuals and how we came to be. When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Do you see yourself? Your Look? Your personality, your face? But look closer and you will realize that it's not only you, but the people and lives of people around you that have impacted your life and brought you to today. Everglow takes us on a journey of self discovery and reflection of who we are. In addition to this, the show also helps us to see beyond ourselves and our reflection to truly understand and see the people who have shaped us to become who we are. Whether they are here with us today or departed, next door or across the world, when you look at yourself in the mirror. Who is your Everglow?

Mortimer Jordan High School would like to dedicate today's show to Mark Ridgeway and to everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. 


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Mortimer Jordan High School Registered Events

Mortimer Jordan HS- Guard onlyJan 28, 2023
Bob Jones HS- G,P,WFeb 25, 2023
Hoover HS- G,P,WMar 11, 2023
Spain Park HS - Guard onlyMar 25, 2023

2023 Results

Spain Park HS - Guard only 72.76 8 SRAA Mar 25, 2023
Hoover HS- G,P,W 69.05 7 SRAA- round 2 Mar 11, 2023
Bob Jones HS- G,P,W 68.81 5 SRAA- round 1 Feb 25, 2023
Mortimer Jordan HS- Guard only 58.95 6 SRAA Jan 28, 2023

Past Results

Mortimer Jordan High School Past Results >>

Thompson HS (AL State Championships) 78.64 6 SRAA Mar 19, 2022
Hoover HS (AL) 75.15 10 SRAA Mar 5, 2022
Bob Jones HS (AL) 70.77 8 SRAA Feb 19, 2022
Mortimer Jordan HS (AL) 66.59 5 SRAA Feb 5, 2022
Spain Park HS (AL) 63.81 3 SRAA Jan 22, 2022
SCGC Championships_ALABAMA / MISSISSIPPI 79.69 4 SRAA Mar 20, 2021
Thompson HS 73.27 5 SRAA Mar 6, 2021
Hoover HS 68.77 4 SRAA Feb 20, 2021
Mortimer Jordan HS 66.06 4 SRAA Feb 6, 2021
Thompson HS, Alabaster AL_ Guard only 84.78 1 Novice Feb 22, 2020
Hoover HS, Hoover AL _ Guard only 82.38 2 Novice Feb 8, 2020
Winfield HS (guard only), Winfield AL 78.72 4 Novice Mar 16, 2019
Bob Jones HS, Madison AL 74.67 5 Novice Feb 23, 2019

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