• Congrats to all for a GREAT 2021 season
  • Information regarding the 2022 season will be posted in September
  • until then have a great summer and stay safe

Championship Program

Championship Program

All SCGC Units!!!
Itís the time of year to begin getting the SCGC Championship Program together.

What we need from you is the following information...

Unit Name/School:
Show Name:
Show description (20 words or less):
We also need a group photo!!!

Please note:  Show descriptions longer than 20 words will be editted to meet publishing guidelines.  Directors who do not provide information and photo for their unit by the required date will have only the unit name listed in the program at SCGC Championships.  You can get this information to us in one of two ways...

Email the info require to mikebest05@comcast.net 


Update your unit\'s profile on the SCGC web site.
Deadline for submission of information is March 20th!!!

SCGC Members in Action