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Color Guard Judge Coordinator

Color Guard Judge Coordinator

The SCGC Color Guard Judge Coordinator staff position is currently vacant and will be hired per the BOD updated job description below.  Interested parties should forward their letter of interest and formal resume/references via email to Donna McKinney on or before close of business on Friday, June 27, 2008.


Employment:  The position of Color Guard Judge Coodinator shall be appointed by the SCGC Executive Board with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Color Guard Judge Coordinator shall not have an affiliation with any unit, presently or during the previous season.

Path of Responsibility:  The Color Guard Judge Coordinator shall be responsible to the President/CEO and Eboard.

Salary Structure:  Salary and expense allocations shall be determined by the President/CEO with the approval of the Executive Board.

Purpose:  To assist in planning and reviewing the overall activities of the color guard division of SCGC in conjunction with the Color Guard Coordinator.  To assign the color guard adjudicators for SCGC events.  To secure judges based on criteria developed by Board of Directors.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:

-With input from the Color Guard Coordinator and the Advisory Board, assign the adjudicators for all SCGC contests.  Work with the Color Guard Coordinator logistics.

-Supervise and/or assign judges, to supervise SCGC contests as Chief Judge, and implement the WGI and subsequent SCGC Philosophy.

-Participates in annual Judge Training meetings and in the  Advisory Board meeting as a nonvoting member.

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