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Directors and Staff Members...

SCGC is hosting a Judge/Instructor meeting with Fred Feeney in Nashville on Sunday, Dec 12th from noon to 4.

The 4 hour session will include, but is not limited to, guard sheet changes, WGI philosophy for the 2011 season as is being presented to all WGI judges across the country, and a review of various classes (Regional A- A- Open-World) in regard to adjudication.

Gilles Ouellette will be present and speak on the new paperless system WGI and SCGC will be implementing for the season. 

Guard Directors please make yourself available if all possible for this very important meeting.  Our date, location, and times are confirmed.  Venue to be announced ASAP.

Questions??  Contact Gilles/SCGC Contest Coordinator

SCGC Members in Action