Visiting units

Visiting units

Posted: Oct 4, 2018 - 10:14 am
Author: Gilles Ouellette

Can I compete if I am not a full time member of the SCGC? 

Absolutely!  and it is pretty simple.

If you don't have a User Name and Password, create one at the top of the HOME page of the SCGC web site.  You will receive an email as a confirmation. Then,  LOGIN and register your unit as a "per show unit entry" from the choices in the pull down menu.

Fill out your info, once submitted and approved, you will receive an invoice for the show(s) you are signed up for.  Fees & SCGC policies/procedures can be found in the 2019 by-laws. A copy can be found in the RESOURCES section of the Director's only area.

Please note, that all Independent per show units must provide Proof of Insurance as described in the Policy Manual, and that all Scholastic groups must provide the school enrollment verification form. This form is available in the RESOURCES section of the Director's only area.

If you have any questions please email our Contest Coordinator at