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  • Advisory Board meting June 29 7pm Email sent to Directors with information
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Warren County Percussion Ensemble

Warren County Percussion Ensemble

Bowling Green, KY
Directed by: Cedrick Leavell
Instructed by: Cedrick Leavell, William Compton, & William Gray Jr. .
Competing in the Percussion Scholastic Concert A classification.

2020 Show: The Dichotomy of Time

Warren County Percussion Ensemble Accolades

2012-2016 WGI Mid South Regional Championship Participants 

2012-2019 WGI World Percussion Championships Participants

2016 WGI Mid South Regional PSCO Runner-Ups
2014 SCGC PSA 5th Place - Kentucky State Champions
2015 SCGC PSA 6th Place - Kentucky State Champions
2016 WGI Mid-South Regional PSCO Runner-Up
2016 WGI World Percussion Championships PSCO 10th Place
2016 SCGC PSCO Champions
2017 WGI South Power Regional PSCO Champion
2017 SCGC PSCO Bronze Medalist
2017 WGI World Championships PSCO11th Place
2018 WGI South Power Regional PSCO Runner-Ups
2018 SCGC PSCO Silver Medalist
2018 WGI World Championships PSCO 10th Place
2019 WGI Atlanta Regional PSCO Champion
2019 SCGC PSCO Bronze Medalist
2019 WGI World Championships PSCO 11th Place


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2020 Results

SCGC Percussion & Winds Championships, WKU Bowling Green
No Show
PSCA Mar 29, 2020
Daviess Co HS, Owensboro KY_G-P-W 83.00 1 PSCA Mar 7, 2020
Wilson Central HS, Lebanon TN_ G-P-W 76.10 1 PSCA Feb 15, 2020
Mt Juliet HS, Mt Juliet TN_ Percussion & Winds only 77.20 2 PSCA Feb 8, 2020

Past Results

Currently there are no past results for Warren County Percussion Ensemble.

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